Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Benefits of Promotional Products for Your Business

Brand recognition and awareness are essential for businesses of all sizes; one of the best ways to get your company name out there is through promotional products. With so many products to choose from, they are an excellent way to market your business as well as the goods or services you provide. Promotional products can be personalised with a company logo or with a message of your choice and can be sent to existing or potential customers. They are also popular as gifts at trade shows and will help to keep your business in the mind of those you meet there. There are many additional benefits to using promotional products and below we have listed just a few examples.

Increases Brand Awareness

Useful promotional products such as pens, mugs, keyrings, and bags are items that customers tend to keep and use for quite a while. This means that every time they use the product, they will see your company logo and will be more likely to think of your company when the time comes to buy the products or services you supply.

Promotional Products Create a Good Impression

Most people enjoy receiving free gifts, so by providing your customers or potential clients with free products, they are likely to form a positive opinion of you and your company. If you have provided them with a product they are likely to use, they are going to become familiar with your brand,which will help to improve sales.

Promotional Products are an Affordable Form of Advertising
The aim of advertising is to get your company's goods or services into the minds of the buyer. After all, every company wants to improve sales. However, advertising and marketing can be very expensive, especially if you were considering television or radio adverts. The great thing about promotional products is that they are both inexpensive and will last much longer than a thirty-second advert.

Wide Reach at Low Cost
If you are just starting out and have a limited advertising budget, you simply cannot underestimate the power of promotional products. These small, affordable items can be mass-produced and sent to an enormous potential customer base at a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign. Takeaway restaurants, for example, could include a free calendar with every order, or a travel company might want to give out ski pass holders to customers who have booked a skiing trip with them. By doing this, these companies will be reaching a wider audience at a very low cost.

Reward for Staff

Some business owners will use promotional products as gifts for staff as they know that doing so will ensure their products and services are continually being advertised. When staff use the products they have been given by the business they work for, they are helping to create brand awareness among their friends and family members. Personalised lanyards given to staff to hold ID badges and keys are also a constant source of advertisement when staff are out and about.

Using promotional products can provide many benefits for your business, but most importantly,it is a cost-effective marketing tool.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Practical Uses for Lanyards

Most people assume that lanyards are designed purely to hold security badges and are only used by large corporations with hundreds of staff members. However, there are many ways to make practical use of lanyards; below we have listed just a few examples.

Promotional Item

Businesses hoping to create brand awareness and get their name out there will invest in personalised lanyards designed to be given away to existing and potential customers. Lanyards are cheap and the more you buy, the cheaper they get per unit. That means a company can buy thousands of these items at a very affordable price, instantly getting a cheap way to advertise the business.

Taking Your Lanyard on a Camping Trip

Those who have ever been camping will be aware of the problems most campers face when trying to keep various items secure. Lanyards are the perfect way to hold items in place when camping. They are ideal for hanging wet clothing from trees or for securing tools to your clothing to ensure they are easier to reach when needed. Some people even use lanyards to keep a bottle of wine or beer held secure in a cold river!

Make Your Own Tool Belt

DIY lovers will know that having tools within easy reach can really make a job much easier. That is why tool belts are so popular. If you have ever seen a tool belt, you will know that it is made from top quality leather and lanyards, so why not make your own. Use your own belt and secure the tools you will need to it using top quality lanyards.

Keep Your Items Where You Want Them

Why stop at a tool belt when you could secure many of your items in place using lanyards? Lanyards can be used to keep various items in a particular place in the home, attic or garage. Many individuals keep their tools in the garage and to ensure they are within easy reach use lanyards to secure them to a wooden shelf or the garage wall. You can also use them in the home to keep small items such as keys or nail clippers in a safe place.

Out and About

Many people just do not realise the benefits of lanyards when it comes to keeping personal belongings safe while out and about. Lanyards can be used to keep personal items such as mobile phones, iPods, cameras, and wallets secure. This can help prevent precious items being stolen or lost.

School Trips

Teachers taking children on school trips often worry about the kids wandering off, but lanyards help make it easier to identify them. Lanyards with ID cards are the perfect way for children to be identified and located if they wander off. They are a practical way for staff to ensure that trips are well organised and run smoothly.

Wedding Favours

If you are having a large wedding and are inviting a lot of friends and extended family members, you may be worried about people not knowing each other. Presenting your guests with name badges on personalised lanyards is a great way to break the ice among them. All they will have to do is have a look at the name badge and they will already know that person’s name. Having the lanyards printed with the bride and groom’s names as well as the date and venue of the reception means that guests can take these away as a memento of the big day. In addition, if the wedding is one with a free bar, it will mean unwanted guests cannot simply stroll in and drink the bar dry!

Helping to Identify Staff

There are times when it is essential that you can quickly identify staff;in a hospital setting, for example. Hospital staff tend to wear ID badges secured to lanyards around their necks. This means that patients and visitors to the hospital can quickly identify a member of staff in the event of an emergency. As well as holding their ID badges in place, lanyards are also used to hold keys, pens, watches and security cards.

Lanyards have proved to be an essential item in many businesses. If you need personalised lanyards for your business, contact us here at Ribbonworks today. We are a leading provider of top quality personalised products for a variety of applications. Contact our helpful staff right now for a free, no obligation quote.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Personalised Lanyards - Great for Branding

These days, most large companies take the security of their staff and their premises very seriously, and employees and visitors are generally required to have ID badges on their person at all times. This means the humble lanyard has become very popular when it comes to providing a secure way of holding ID badges around the neck.

Savvy employers are now making the most of lanyards and are having them personalised with a company logo as they know that this means getting the company name out there as a cheap form of advertising.

Inexpensive Advertising
One of the biggest benefits of investing in personalised lanyards for a business is the fact that they are, as mentioned above, an inexpensive form of advertising. They can be personalised with a company logo and purchased in bulk. Most businesses know the cost of a marketing campaign can be hugely expensive, but investing in personalised lanyards can cut this cost dramatically.

Here at Ribbonworks, we provide top quality woven lanyards in a variety of colours and styles and all can be personalised with a choice of wording and images. Our personalised lanyards are also available in a variety of widths as well as having a selection of quality metal clips to suit all preferences and requirements.

Be Creative
We would advise customers to be as creative as possible when it comes to using their personalised lanyards as branding tools. To make the lanyards stand out, choose a colour that is bright and noticeable. Think about what you want from your lanyard; is it just to be used as a tool for keeping ID and security badges in place, or is it something that will be noticed and therefore provide the company with free advertising? We are betting it is the latter and, for that reason, we would urge you to use our superb service to ensure you get the most from your investment. Choose from a selection colours and styles and use images and catchy slogans to represent your company in the best possible light.

Useful Product

The great thing about lanyards is that they are so useful. They can be issued to staff to hold ID badges, as discussed above, or they can be used to hold wallets and car keys. With keys secured to a lanyard, which is in turn secured to clothing or the inside of a handbag, the issue of lost keys will never be a problem again. This will save your staff valuable time and is something they will definitely appreciate.

No matter what type of business you have, you are sure to find a use for personalised lanyards. Not only are they ideal for large corporations but also colleges and universities can make use of them as well. And companies that hold exhibitions and conferences find them extremely useful for attendees when it comes to displaying name badges.

Promotional Product
In addition to being an essential item for staff, personalised lanyards are also a fantastic promotional product that can be gifted to existing and potential customers. Because they can be used to hold keys, wallets, badges, and even mobile phones, in place, they are handy items to have. By giving them out as gifts, you will be creating brand awareness for your company.

Promotional items received by customers tend to invoke a sense of loyalty, but you need to make sure you provide your customers with top quality products. Where customers, or potential customers, are concerned, there is nothing worse than receiving a substandard gift - even if it is free. At Ribbonworks, we believe in quality from start to finish. That means we provide an excellent customer service and products made from the finest materials to ensure customer satisfaction every time. Our fast delivery and competitive pricing have helped us to become one of the leading providers of personalised promotional products in the UK.

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