Monday, 4 April 2016

The Many Benefits of Company ID Cards

In a world where it is important to be able to identify people for a variety of reasons, company ID cards have to be the most useful identification tools found in any workplace. These simple and innocuous little cards provide details such as name, job title and the department where an employee works and often feature a photograph for instant identification. While some are clipped to a badge, others are worn around the neck from a lanyard or simply kept in a wallet or purse to be produced whenever necessary.

Although some people may resent having to wear any form of identification, it is important to realise the many benefits – both for yourself and your place of employment. Not convinced? Read on for some valid reasons why wearing a company ID card is beneficial.

1. We live in a world where threats to security are, sadly, very real,so company ID cards can protect us as well as our colleagues and employers. ID cards offer a good way to implement access restrictions to the workplace, other related buildings, and equipment, ensuring that only those who should be in a particular area are actually there. Further threats to security are reduced by employers insisting on background checks, including police disclosure checks.

2. Many workplaces contain expensive computers, costly work tools and other items of value, and the use of ID cards ensures that nobody may enter the workplace without permission. This lessens the likelihood of theft from the workplace, and should any equipment be stolen it will be easier to trace the culprit by knowing who has been in or out of the building during the time of the theft.

3. There is nothing worse than starting a new job or moving to a new department and having to learn new names! This is when company ID cards can really benefit us on a personal level, making it easier to identify people, making working relationships easier to develop. Visible ID cards can really improve workplace relationships, creating a relaxed working atmosphere and boosting staff morale.

4. ID cards are also invaluable for improving employee-customer relationships. It is always good to know who we are talking to when we speak to a member of staff, and putting a name to a face can instantly put the customer at ease, creating positive customer relations within a business.

5. Company ID cards can provide a range of additional benefits when companies negotiate special deals and discounts with other local businesses. These benefits may cover special membership deals at gyms, discounted meals at local restaurants, and savings when shopping at stores involved in company discount schemes. A company ID card provides an easy way for employees to take advantage of any available offers and allows participating businesses to easily identify legitimate employees. Schemes such as these offer a good way to give employees a boost and a thank you for their work, and if the ID cards are worn on a branded lanyard, they also serve as an excellent marketing tool.

6. Additional benefits of company ID cards can be created by the use of magnetic stripe encoding, restricting access to buildings or rooms to just certain employees. ID cards can also function as time cards, making it easier for both staff and employers to keep tabs on working hours; they can also be integrated with a cashless payment system and used for eating in the company cafeteria, negating the need to bring money and bank cards to work.

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