Wednesday, 16 December 2015

4 Great Uses for Quality Lanyards

High quality and well-made lanyards are a fantastic addition to all types of occasions, events and everyday scenarios. From identification to advertising, a lanyard is more effective than many people realise.

What's great about lanyards is that they can have a social as well as a practical use in both everyday situations and special events. They are usually created using polyester, then made into a loop with a clip or hook at the end, allowing designs to be worked onto them, as well as allowing them to hold onto an item securely, like an identification badge or a pen.

Businesses and organisations around the globe have used lanyards for years and continue to invest in them for their ongoing usefulness.

Below we're going to take a look at four great uses for quality lanyards, encompassing who uses them and for what purpose.

Effective Advertising

Because lanyards are usually worn around the neck, they become the perfect advertising device. Giving people, such as your employees or customers, a unique lanyard with your company brand emblazoned on it is a great way for others to become aware of your business, driving more customers your way.

People will commonly hold onto their lanyard after an event, often leaving them in workplaces, offices, homes and more, meaning your logo and brand makes it way through many locations, being recognised by hundreds of people sometimes.

The next time you're thinking about your advertising strategy, consider the effective nature of investing in specially designed and unique company lanyards.

Simple & Secure Identification

Organising a conference or any other type of exclusive event? A uniquely made lanyard can be exactly what you need to make identification and guest-entry clear and efficient.

Your security team will easily be able to recognise a unique lanyard holding your identification cards, providing a simple way to keep invited guests identified. A lanyard can also work very well to signify anyone who is a VIP or a speaker to everyone around them, a great way to keep guests known and organised throughout the entirety of your event.

Easy Area Clearance

Maybe you run a business where employees require keycards to enter certain areas within your work building. A company lanyard is a terrific way to not only be able to identify employees at all times, it's also a simple way to prevent employees losing their keycards.

Losing something like a keycard can cost a significant amount to replace if it happens often, investing in lanyards can be a cost-effective solution to this common problem. The fact that your new lanyards could be preventing lost property while also advertising your business makes them a worthy investment that could save you money in the long term.

Convenience for Staff

A lanyard can be extremely convenient if your staff always need to have an item on hand, like a pen, whistle, or stamp. This can make workers more productive, as well as reducing the likelihood of misplacing company property.

Nurses and teachers alike will find that a great quality lanyard will do wonders for their peace of mind, pens and all kinds of useful items will no longer go missing!

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