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Promote Your Business Using Wristbands, Slapbands & Sweatbands

Among some of the most unconventional ways to promote your business are wristbands, slapbands, and sweatbands. You can give them out at any trade show event or charity fundraiser. They are an ideal tool to emphasise your brand.

In the below passages, we will take a look at some of the benefits of adding these options to your marketing arsenal.

Use Them Anywhere

Wristbands, slapbands, and sweatbands can be used at any event. It’s easy to throw them into a networking event or slip them into a sports day for charity. They will fit in without seeming forced.

You can wear them to client meetings, or even when going about your daily business of interacting with customers.

They offer one of the most versatile marketing options available.

Not as Expensive as You Think

Radio advertisements, TV pitches, and extended social media campaigns can lead to you spending a lot of money. And there is never a guarantee of success. While no marketing tool will promise you a positive return on your investment, wristbands, slapbands, and sweatbands are so cost-effective that even a complete failure will not leave you out of pocket too much.

You can have a whole box of any of these options delivered for your next event for very little money. Order in bulk and you can make massive savings.

The Ultimate Personal Branding Option

There are a number of reasons overt marketing does not always work. These are the primary ones:

• People become so ad-sensitised that they stop noticing your efforts.
• Overt marketing is not appropriate for every situation.
• Too much overt marketing can come off as looking foolish.

Wearing a wristband at a trade show, for example, is a type of covert marketing. Any person you interact with will automatically direct their gaze to your wristband. It is subtle, but it may encourage them to find out more about your company. Or it might just give them the right professional impression.

Easy to Wear and Comfortable

Remember when someone had to stamp your hand when you went to a concert? Messy.

What about that time where you had to wear an overly long identification card around your next? Bulky.

A company wristband, for example, is an ideal way to admit someone to any of your events. If you have invited someone over to your offices, you want them to feel at home. Wristbands are comfortable and discreet. They do not get in the way, and it is easy to forget you are wearing one at all.

Make them How You Want

There are no restrictions on the colour of slapband or sweatband. You can print them in any colour with any graphic. And you can do this without raising the costs significantly, as is the case with promotional items such as t-shirts.

Any good printing company will entertain any option you can come up with.

One way you can use them is by changing the design slightly for every event. This will give your customers a sense of uniqueness. They have a memory of an event that will never happen again, and that is going to leave an impression on them.

Showing How Much You Care

You can also demonstrate how much you care about your customers by giving out wristbands. Again, it doesn’t require much of an investment on your part. Hand them out and leave the right impression. It may well lead to a lucrative lead after your next trade event.

The Best in Branding

If you want to increase your influence at your next networking event, wristbands, sweatbands, and slapbands are the way to go. They are the best in branding because they’re cost-effective, you can use them anywhere, and you have full control over what they look like.

These benefits alone should make any company realise that they are missing out on a golden promotion opportunity!

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